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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dysfunctional Behavior

Concepts and Models of Dysfunctional Behavior

What’s abnormal?
Lecture and Class Discussion
Dysfunctional Behavior, An Historical Perspective: PP Presentation
Judging Abnormal Behavior Worksheet
Contending Definitions of Abnormal Behavior Worksheet
Article: Is Everybody Crazy?
John Crane's Notes
Reading Glassman pp. 325-28
Glassman Support Material
The Dangers of Labelling

Diagnosis and classificatory systems

3. Classifying Psychological Disorders
Chart making and student PowerPoint Presentation
See Myers to download Chapter 15 PP Presentation
Video: The DSM-IV
History of the DSM.
Video: Psychopathology
Reading Glassman pp. 328-331
Explanations of Dysfunctional Behavior PP Presentation
Case Study Schizophrenia

Treatments and therapies

4. Psychotherapy
Lecture: Overview
Reading Glassman pp. 331-343
See Myers to download Chapter 16 PP Presentation
Treatments in Asia: Hidden Away
5. Treatments in Action
Video: “One Flew Over …”
Video: Psychotherapy
Reading Glassman pp.343-346

Weblog Entry:
Use the suggestions below to write a weblog entry outlining your thoughts and feelings about mental illness. (We will discuss the varioius words used to encompass this concept.)

List behaviors, traits and symptoms that you associate with insanity?Friends and family member are usually the first to seek help when they believe that someone is mentally ill. What behaviors would prompt you to seek help for someone close to you who maybe experiencing mental problems?
How should society treat the mentally ill?


John Crane's Dysfunctional Behavior Website


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