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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Psychodynamic Psychology

Topics and Activities

A. Historical and Cultural Contexts:

1. Group research and presentations


19th Century Victorian Society

20th Century Events 1900-1945.

Vienna in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries

Science in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries

Freud: Family Backgroiund, Education, Seminal Experience

2. The Major Features of Victorian Morality

3. Video Young Dr Freud

4. PowerPoint Lecture

4. Museum Visitis: The Freud Museum in Britain
Library of Congress Exhibit
Freud Museum in Vienna

B. Techniques for Research
1. Case Studies: Little Hans Case Study

2. Interpretations of Dreams

3. Dream Interpretation

4. Reseach Techniques PowerPoint Presentation

Take a critical look at this example of pop psychology and dream analysis.
Clinical and experimental validation of concepts

C. Theories

1. Power Point Lecture

2. Visit an award winning web site on Freud by Maria Rowell
Neo-Freudian Theories: Class Presentations

Rubric for PP Presentation on the Neo-Freudians
D. Application

1. Psychodynamic view of human behavior
2. The Development of Personality

3. The Psychodynamic perspective applied to everyday living: Think Like a Shrink

Valuable Links

Glassman's Approaches to Psychology is the base text for this option. Supporting material can be found on this link.


Essay: Discuss the historical and cultural context of Freud's theories of behaviour.


  1. Glassmam
  2. Articles "The Father of Psychoanalysis" and "A Freudiean Fixation"
  3. "Some Influences of Freud's Work"
  4. Video: Young Dr Freud
  5. History of Madness PP


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