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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Your Weblog

Setting up your blog
Go to http://blogger.com/

Step One
i. Choose a user name: You will use this to log on each time you want to make a posting to any one of your blogs.
Suggested format:
e.g. peteranthony2006 (no spaces)
Write this down.
ii.Display name: This name will appear as the author of postings and comments. To protect your privacy use only your first name:
e.g. Peter @ RIS
(spaces okay)
You can change this later.

Step Two
i. Blog Title: This is the name that will appear as your banner at the top of your blog.
e.g. Peter’s IB Psychology Blog
You can change this later or delete it entirely and create a new blog.

ii. Blog Address (URL): This is the address of your blog so it is best to keep in simple.
e.g. peteribpsychology2006 (no spaces)
(The entire URL in this case will be peteribpsychology2006@blogspot.com Write this down until you add it to your favorites)
You can change this later.
Step Three
i. Choose your template
ii. Make a posting: This could be a welcome message to readers of your blog.

Fine-tuning your blog

Log on to Blogger using you user name and password.
Go to the Dashboard.
Go to Edit Profile. To ensure your privacy uncheck “Share my profile” This is an important so that your privacy is protected.
Return to the Dashboard
Select Change Setting Icon (It is a blue cog.)
You have a number of tabs most of which are for advanced use only.
Go to the Formatting tab and change to Thailand Time
Go to the Comments tab and select “Show Word Verification for Comments”. (This will stop you being spammed.)


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