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Friday, August 04, 2006

Unit 1 Introduction

1. Define psychology
2. Understand the requirements of the IB Psychology Course.
3. Prepare for the use of technology in the IB Psychology Course. Topic

1. What is psychology?
a) Groupwork: Psychology Today and Yesterday
b) Instructions for your Weblog
c) Setting up your IB Psychology weblog. Post your first entry: My motivations for studying psychology.

2. What is IB Psychology?
a) Course requirements and assessment

3. The History of Psychology and the Scientific Method
b) Glassman pp.2-5,13-41
c) Video “Past Present and Promise”
c) The Perspectives and great names.
d) Class discussion: Why do we do the things that we do?
e) Research Methods

5. Assessment
Read the article "Best of the Century" and write a weblog response that answers the following questions:
1. What have been the major changes in psychotherapy this century?
2. Twenty breakthroughs are identified. Which 5 do you think are the most important? Justify your answer.


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