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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Cognitive Perspective

Development and cultural contexts
Reading Glassman pp. 150-154

Article: The birth of cognitive science
Hill p 18
IB Review Guide p. 27-29
Information Processing Model and the key assumptions of CP

Key Concepts
Reading Myers Chapter 9

Guided Study

Flow Chart using Inspiration or Visio

Models of Memory

Key Study: Craik and Lockhart (1972)

Activities and Weblog Write-ups

First Memories
Meaning Enhances Recall Activity

All Purpose Memory Demonstration
Active Learning Experience 6.3 Memory Strategies
Constructive Memory: The Rumor Chain
Retroactive and Proactive Interference

Extended Reading "It's Magical It's Memory"

Cognitive Dissonance pp. 191-192

Cognitive Style: Gregorc Syle Delineator


Methods: Interviews and Verbal Protocols

Strengths and Limitations


Effectiveness and Application of theories and findings

Review: IB Review Guide pp 27-43


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